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Unbelievably, electric bikes are outselling cars in the United States of Amerika. But, unfortunately, the popularity of eBikes caused a significant rise in eBike thievery, which calls for owners to be more creative when storing their eBikes outdoors. Following are some outdoor ebike storage ideas to help you store and protect your electric bicycle.

Some eBike Storage Ideas Outside

Buying a High-Quality Bike Lock And a High-Quality Chain

Electric bikes are trendy and expensive, and thieves will go to great lengths to steal them. Buying a high-quality bike lock and chain is a good idea to protect your electric bike. We advise using two high-quality bike locks combined with one thick and one thin cable.

Most electric bikes have a big frame. Therefore, you must ensure your lock has a bigger locking circumference to accommodate the bigger frame. First, secure your eBike by pulling the chains through the wheels and frame. Next, use a separate, thinner chain to secure the seat to the frame.

Lock It to Something Immoveable and Uncuttable

You need proper surveillance before locking your electric bike to just anything. First, choose a busy, public area when storing your bike outside. Then, lock your bike to a properly fitted bike rack, parking meter, sign, or pole.

Always test the sturdiness of any object you consider locking your bike to. Remember to check that the bike cannot simply be lifted over and free from the object. Likewise, never lock your bike to an object that someone can cut open, bend, or dislodge easily. Instead, lock your eBike to immovable and uncuttable objects.

Locking your eBike against a fence, gate, or small tree is not advisable since thieves usually have the equipment to cut through them.

Remove The Battery Each Time

Another option to protect your e-bike from being stolen is to remove the battery each time you leave your bike somewhere. Removing the battery is more of a deterrent and will only slow down the “grab-and-ride” thief, allowing you to catch up with him if possible.

Removing the battery will not deter bike thieves with the equipment to steal your bike. It may be an inconvenience to them to later find the battery has been removed, but batteries can be replaced. Bike syndicates have all the equipment to steal your bike with or without a battery.

Using a Bike Alarm

Using a bike alarm is another way of safeguarding your bike against theft. Bike alarms work on movement and use loud sounds to attract attention. However, even though bike alarms are beneficial, they can not keep your bike from being stolen. It is, therefore, advisable to use an alarm in conjunction with locks and chains.

Using a Bike Cover

Bike covers are handy and protect your bike against sun, wind, and rain. In addition, high-end bike covers allow easy access to your bike’s locks and cables.

Another advantage of covering your bike is that thieves need to make more effort to see if it is worth their time and may instead focus on uncovered bikes. Combining locks, cables, an alarm, and a bike cover may be the safest way to store your bike.

Invest in WIFI Security System

A WIFI security system on your bicycle allows for remote control. You can activate or deactivate the alarm, and some more expensive eBikes allow you to turn on the motor remotely. Surely this function will discourage any bike thief.

Invest in GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker may not prevent your bike from being stolen. However, it is beneficial when trying to track it down, assisting the authorities in retrieving your stolen property.

Find Bike Parkade Near You

More advanced bike racks may be needed to protect your eBike from thieves. New innovations provide new challenges that need innovative solutions.

Parking your bike at a bike parkade is the ideal solution. With the growth in the popularity of eBikes, many cities have introduced bike parkades or specially designed bike racks to store eBikes. In addition, specially designed bike racks make it difficult for thieves to cut cables and locks.

eBike racks in some bigger cities now have security cameras, charging stations, and easy-to-use locking systems.

Get Bike Insurance, Just In Case

Yes, we know bike insurance is only good once your bike has been stolen, but insurance allows you to replace the stolen bike. Bike insurance is essential if your bike is your primary form of transport or if you use it for work purposes.

Shop around and find the best insurance option for you. You can insure your bike through renter’s and owners’ insurance or any company that specializes in bike insurance. Insurance on your bike offers peace of mind, and the monthly installment is worth it if an unfortunate event occurs.

Store Your Electric Bike Inside if Possible

Though these outdoor ebike storage ideas could help you protect your electric bike, the safest way of keeping your electric bike from thieves is to store it inside. Upon saying that, you should even lock your bike while stored inside.

Reports indicate that sixty percent of all bikes get stolen from someone’s private home. Therefore, it is advisable to lock your eBike while storing it inside your own property. Activate all the security measures to keep your e-bike safe.

What To Do If Your eBike Gets Stolen

If unfortunately your electric bike gets stolen, follow the steps in the list below to assist you in retrieving your stolen bike.

  • Report the bike theft to the police and provide all the necessary information.
  • Inform the insurance company of the theft.
  • Inform the bike shops of the theft since thieves want to sell the bike to get rid of it quickly. Provide a description and photos of the bike for identification.
  • Visit transit impound yards since stolen bikes are often left on buses. Secondhand markets may also be an excellent place to investigate and search for your stolen bike. Have a good description or photograph at hand for easy identification.
  • Register your stolen bike on bike recovery sites for members to keep a lookout.
  • Spread the word in your neighborhood and workplace through flyers and advertisements of the bike theft. As a result, people will be more observant and contact you with news on your bike.

Conclusion: Outdoor eBike Storage Ideas

There is no sure clad way of preventing eBikes from being stolen. One can, however, install all the necessary equipment and apply the necessary safety measures to hinder thieves in their quest.

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