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Losing the key to one’s eBike is similar to losing car keys, locker keys, or house keys. One must scramble to find spare keys while trying to remember where the keys used only a few hours ago or yesterday are.

What is The Key for on A eBike

The mobility of an eBike depends on interlinked devices that use a battery to generate electric power to move the eBike forward. An electric motor generates enough power to reduce the pressure a rider needs to exert when riding the ebike. The battery is the bike’s only power source, and it needs to be recharged to continue supplying the bike with the power it requires.

eBikes have a switch that allows users to start the motor when they wish to use the bike and switch it off when it is not required. Some motors have a lockable switching mechanism, ensuring the motor is not accidentally or maliciously activated.

Do You Need A Key to Start An Ebike

Instead of a key, some eBikes have a switch, a non-lockable button, which they press to start the motors.

Once it is pressed, the switch closes the circuit between the battery and the motor, which, in eBikes, is done by a controller, a ‘central brain’ type computer that handles all electric distribution across the bike. When pressed a second time, the switch reverses its action and stops the motor.

Other eBikes have a key-based switch that keeps the system locked until the rider inserts the correct key to start the motor. This mechanism, found in any vehicle, helps to prevent the depletion of the battery while providing a safety mechanism. The key’s action is the same as that of the switch: it toggles between an ‘on’ and ‘off’ state of motor action.

Can You Ride An eBike without The Key

The motor cannot be started when an eBike’s electric system is key-locked unless the rider uses a dedicated key. Without a key, the bike can be operated manually. The reasons for this are both operational and situational. From an operational point of view, having a key-locked eBike reduces the risk that the battery will be discharged while the bike is not used.

Situationally, having a key-locked bike adds an element of protection from theft. This may affect, for example, one’s insurance package, should the owner wish to insure their bike, and the ability to claim in case of theft may be positively affected.

What to Do If You Have Lost Your Electric Bike Lock Key

Usually, eBikes are sold with a set of two keys. If you bought a new bike at a store, but even if you purchased it from another user. You should look for that spare key, as it will be an exact copy of the key you lost.

Often, new eBikes come with a magnetic code card or a registration form that carries the bike’s unique ID number. Write the number down.

Ask The Manufacturer for Help

Your first port-of-call is your eBike’s manufacturer. Did your bike (bought new or used) come with papers, a manual, a maintenance kit, or a user pack? Check through the documents for the manufacturer’s detail. Then, contact them and, using the ID number you got off the bike’s documentation, order a new key. They will provide you with another set of two keys.

The same applies if you have a key for the eBike and another for the battery. Use the ID number, check with the manufacturer, and buy a new set.

Looking For A Certified Mechanic for Help

The manufacturer may not be able to help you. You may have bought an eBike from another user, the model is no longer supported, or the manufacturer is no longer in business. If that is the case, there are other avenues you can follow.

If you lose one key of the two you received when you bought the bike, you can get a copy of the key from a locksmith. But if you lose both the ignition and battery keys, a locksmith may be able to fit the keys into the battery lock.

If you lose both keys and the battery may not be removed, the locksmith may need to make a key that fits the lock. If the locksmith drills the battery out, you may need to replace the battery.

How to Start Electric Bike without Key

Before discussing a way to start your eBike without a key, consider the obvious risks involved in bypassing the manufacturer’s instructions that users may only start the bike with a key. Unauthorized methods may void your warranty. Worse – they may damage your bike or put you in danger while you ride it. Manufacturers and locksmiths can produce a key for you quite quickly.

If you have determined that you have no choice other than bypassing the manufacturer’s instructions, maybe because you live in a remote location, or maybe your local locksmith cannot make a copy for you, consider the last option before tackling your bike’s electric system yourself: A local electrician may be willing and able to create a temporary bypass for you, while you complete an order for a legitimate copy of the key.

Once you have exhausted all other possibilities – including the option to ride the bike “manually,” that is, using it as a regular bike without any pedal assist, here are a few other options for you to consider. Note that these are temporary solutions; your best option is to find the right key to replace the one you lost.

Unscrew The Battery and Remove It From The eBike

Once the battery is off, see if you can remove the ignition. Once the ignition is off, reattach the battery to the bike and use it. Note that the motor will run constantly until the battery is fully discharged.

Bypass The Ignition Switch

Bypassing the ignition switch means you can start the bike and ride it to the nearest point of service or get back home, where you can find a way to order a legal copy of your bike’s key. This is done by finding the two wires leading in and out of the key switch and shorting them with a wire.

Why Not Suggest Starting An eBike without A Key

Starting your eBike without a key is not recommended by manufacturers. It is controversial because it uses ‘gray’ technology like bypassing the ignition switch (otherwise known as ‘Hotwiring’), which is not a massive problem if you use it to start your bike, but is likely to void your warranty and hamper any insurance claim you may have.

Manufacturers are committed to designing and selling electric bikes that are safe to ride and operate. Key are safety devices that should be used as instructed by the manufacturer.

Conclusion: How to Start Electric Bike without Key

Losing an eBike’s key does not have to be a traumatic event. The best solution is to get a copy from the manufacturers or to get one done by a qualified locksmith. Alternatively, use the manual option. And ride it like a non-electric bike. Lastly, if all else fails, two temporary, controversial options may be considered.

If you know more ways about how to start electric bike without key, welcome to discuss them below.

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