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Before considering buying an electric bike, you may consider “how to ride an electric bike”. If you are already proficient in using an ordinary bike, then an electric bike will be an upgrade to your riding game. If you are also new to bicycles, in this article, we will discuss how to ride an electric bike step by step. Keep on reading, you will like it.

We know that e-bikes have many similarities to traditional bicycles. And their main difference is that electric bikes are equipped with a pedal-assist system, motor, and battery. This means you can get extra power to help you ride. Especially for older riders, e-bikes will make you feel young again. Whether you are an electric bike beginner or a cycling beginner, there will be helpful.

Find the Balance

If you are inexperienced with traditional bicycles, our first goal is to be able to maintain balance while using an e-bike. After you’ve confirmed that all aspects of your ebike are ready, you can find a flat area to start. For beginners, we should first make us could able to balance on the electric bike. If you are already proficient in using a bicycle, then this will not be difficult for you.

After that, find a comfortable position to sit on your ebike. It would be better to make sure the power is turned off, in case the sudden push from the pedal assist will make you nervous. At the same time, your body could lean forward slightly, making sure your hands are on the handlebars easily. With one of the feet on the pedals and the other on the ground. Then slide slowly on the ground with the foot on the ground. When the ebike is relatively stable, try to lift the other foot on the pedal to pedal.

In addition, if you find it difficult to pedal at first. You can also find an open space with a little slope, do not pedal with your feet. Use the slope to slide down from a high place to ensure that you can find the balance of the bike after a lot of slides. Once you have this sense of balance, try to use the pedals slowly. After several practices, you will feel much better for the first time.

Familiar with the Turns

After we were able to maintain some balance while riding the e-bike, our next goal was to be able to turn when riding an electric bike. When we practice turns, we should first slow down the bike for our safety. While maintaining your center of gravity, turn the handlebars slowly with your hands. As a beginner, we can also use one foot on the ground to assist our turn. Remember, safety is the most important thing at all times.

Use the Brakes

It is important to understand our brake system. The brakes are not only used to stop, but also to effectively control the speed of the bike, or to brake the bike in an emergency to reduce the risk of falling and crashing. All e-bikes will be equipped with front and rear brake calipers. The position of the levers that control the front and rear calipers is usually based on the actual usage where the e-bike is sold. Anyway, using the brake was easy for us.

After the three parts of the study, believe that you have a basic understanding of electric bike riding. But our goal is to improve the riding level. Simply said, it is to improve riding efficiency.

When it comes to efficiency, the first thing that comes to mind is to increase riding speed. And this is also the biggest advantage of electric bikes. And it is also the reason why many people choose electric bikes. At the beginning of the article, we have mentioned that electric bikes are equipped with a pedal-assist system, motor, and battery. In addition, some electric bikes also contain throttle. These will help us further improve our riding speed.

Pedal Assist System

Thanks to the pedal-assist system, riding an electric bike is easy. It will help you get power assist even if your ebike is without a throttle. If you are new to riding an electric bike, starting with a lower-level pedal assist setting is a good idea. It will help you better feel the power from the motor and know how the pedal-assist system helps you pushes your pedaling. When you are more and more familiar with your ebike, you can set it as the fastest assist setting, which can help you maximize the charm of an electric bike.

Throttle (If Applicable)

Not all electric bikes are equipped with a throttle. But if your ebike is equipped with a throttle, you don’t even need to pedal the e-bike to get going. Make sure that you can maintain a good balance and can turn easily when you riding on the ebike, this time you can try to accelerate by gently twisting the throttle. Feeling the convenience brought by the electric bike.


The motor converts the electrical energy of the battery into mechanical energy. In other words, the motor converts the energy provided by the battery into the power that helps propel you forward. Usually, we don’t need a special operation on the motor, we just need to turn on the power and confirm that each module can work normally.


The battery is the source of energy for all modules. Without a battery, your ebike is no different from an ordinary bicycle. For example, it’s as if your boss pays you the salary and you working for your boss. If you don’t get the salary, then you will stop working for your boss too, right? So, in order to let our ebike always keep working normally, we should charge the battery regularly. If you have confused about “how to charge an electric bike”, we have mentioned it before, you can find it here.

Conclusion: How to Ride an Electric Bike

It’s always exciting to start a new activity. Fortunately, operating an ebike is not as difficult as we thought and it’s very similar to operating a normal bicycle. It will be better if we could do some preparation before we start riding an electric bike for the first time. The helpful tips will help us make the start easy and increase our confidence. If you want to know more tips to help you ride an electric bike for the first time, check the “10 Useful Tips That’ll Help You Riding an E-Bike Safety for the First Time” to learn more. Also, if you have more useful riding tips, welcome to leave a message in the comments.