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You’ve got your favorite electric bike and riding for a while – yet you wanted to know how to make an electric bicycle go faster. There is no doubt that shaving time off your favorite journey is always good fun!

Kindly note: Be careful with increasing speeds, many electric bikes are speed capped to keep them within the spec that that law defines as an e-bike instead of a motorcycle.

How to Make an Electric Bike Go Faster

Compare with electric bicycles, the most significant advantage of the electric bicycle is the speed. However, due to the electric bike laws in different areas, most electric bikes on the market have a speed limit of 20 miles per hour. Except the class 3 e-bike has a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

Of course, there are many factors that affect speed. Among them, the two most important factors are the battery and the motor. Now that we understand that, so, the most obvious way to improve your e-bike’s speed is to upgrade your battery and motor. However, once you do that, that means also kills your warranty and is illegal. Actually, there are other ways you can do to make your electric bicycle go fast.

Charging The Battery

A good way to make your electric bicycle go faster is to make sure the motor could get enough power. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that your battery is at a higher charge. With a full charge, your motor can get more juice from the battery, which could increase the power output. It also means you can ride your electric bike for a long.

On the other hand, always make sure your battery is in good shape could help your battery for long battery life.

To learn more about How to Charge an Electric Bike go here.

Reduce Other Weight

If your goal is to ride faster, why don’t you travel light?

Reducing other weight off your electric bike could help you ride faster. Before you ride, you can remove the extra attachments to shed your electric bike weight.

So, throw away the heavy backpack, and let starting easy!

Maintain Chain Regularly

Maintain Chain Regularly

A good chain will make the drive train more powerful, which means none of your efforts will be wasted. A clean, well-lubed drive train is key to not destroying your drive train and spending hundreds more than you need to by premature wear. Usually, punchy climbs, hard acceleration, and dirty conditions will quickly accelerate the wear of your chain.

So keeping the chain clean and smooth is very important.

Choose Suitable Tire For Your Riding

Choose Suitable Tire For Your Riding - thebicyclegeek

Fat tires are good for mountain trails and thin tires are good for smooth roads. If your outdoor adventure will start on smooth roads, choose a thin tire! Thanks to the lower rolling resistance and smoothness, they will make your electric bike go faster.

Inflating The Tires

Tires as the only point of contact with the road, they could help you go head. Too low tire pressure and too high tire pressure can have a huge impact on your riding.

When your tires are in low pressure, you will feel it’s hard to control your electric bike and it goes sluggish and slow. On the other hand, too high pressure could result in reduced grip and may even increase the chance of punctures.

Keeping your tires with good pressure can help you make your ride more efficient and save a lot of power.

Check Out Your Brakes

The main function of the brake is to reduce the speed of a bike or prevent it from moving.

If your electric bicycle has not been maintained for a while, taking some time to check out if the brakes are rubbing on the wheel is necessary. If you don’t know how to do that, take your bicycle to your local certified bike shop to ensure the brakes work well.

Pedal Faster in a Higher Gear

Compare with single speed, the advantage of the shift system is that the gears allow us to maintain a comfortable pedaling speed no matter the slope or terrain.

If your electric bike features with shift system, go to a suitable gear and pedal faster. Usually, use a higher gear to cycle faster and use the low gear to cycle slowly.

Crouching When You Are Riding

You probably notice that the professional bike rider crouched while riding. This is because crouching could reduce air resistance. The effects of air resistance on riding are very significant when riding fast. So they could move faster when they are crouching while riding than in a non.

Make Your Legs More Strength

Your power zones are just ranges based on how strong you are. There is no doubt that strong legs could make you ride faster. Push the pedals harder, spin your legs around faster, ride faster and then you are faster.

If you really want to ride faster then you need to do strength training that compliments the muscles you use during a ride. When your legs get stronger, you’ll find yourself going faster.

Final Words

Riding an electric bike is an exciting and enjoyable activity. With these make the electric bicycle go faster tips in hand, you’re sure to enjoy your riding! Whether mountain trails or smooth roads, enjoy riding!