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Riding your bike to work is a fine way to get your daily exercise early on and get in shape, though you may want to know how long that’ll take. So, how long will it take to bike 10 miles?

Beginner bikers will take an hour to bike 10 miles. Advanced bikers will take 30 to 45 minutes. Several factors, including the bike you’re riding, weather, and fitness level, will increase or decrease how long a 10-mile ride will be.

Are 10 Miles on a Bike Hard?

Riding 10 miles isn’t hard once you’re used to traveling that far with your bike, though different people will take longer to easily ride that long. Beginners will have to work their way to a 10-mile ride before trying to reduce their time.

Are you riding for the first time? It’d be better to adjust your expectations before you take your bike outside. Ride for as long as you comfortably can, then take a break. You’re doing great, even if it’s less than a mile-long ride!

Riding for 10 miles isn’t hard if you have experience, but it can feel like a lot early on. Fortunately, you can work your way to that goal in no time.

How Long Does It Take to Bike 10 Miles?

Beginner bikers will take one hour to travel 10 miles, more or less. You may take longer if this is your first time riding, especially if you’re doing it on the streets with cars around. The weather, bike, and fitness level will also have a say on how long it takes you to travel that far.

More experienced bikers will take considerably less time to travel 10 miles. Most of them will take 30 to 45 minutes to get that far. A beginner will take a couple of months to get to that level.

We’re talking about rough estimates here. A 10-mile ride may take you an hour and a half, or you may blast through your first ride and travel 10 miles in 30 minutes.

The Main Factors That Affect Your Speed

All bikes ride are a little bit different, especially if the weather is wilder than usual or if you’re changing where you’re riding. These things will drastically affect how long it takes to ride a mile, even more so if you plan to ride 10 miles.

What Type of Bike Are You Riding?

Did you know different types of bikes weigh differently? You can probably guess a heavier bike will take more effort to move. And an electric bike is quicker than a traditional bike.

Why would anyone pick a heavier bike? You may want to do that if you’re planning to ride on a mountain or similar. It’s not something you should worry about if you plan to commute to work and nothing else, though we’ll talk more about it below.

What Terrain are You Riding on

You’ll always commute to work on pavement if you’re in the city. Hopefully, there are no potholes on the way to work, ensuring a smooth ride from start to finish. That’s the quickest 10-mile ride you have available.

There are other places where you can ride. Dirt and sand are the best examples. You won’t have that much trouble riding on dirt (if you have the right bike for the job), though sand is another story altogether.

Taking your bike to the beach will add a few minutes to your next 10-mile bike ride.

How Hilly It Is

Some people are lucky to have the chance to ride on plain and uphill places, depending on what they want to do that day. You should try both options!

Plain terrain is the easiest way to do it, and you’ll have a faster 10-mile time riding on that type of road. In contrast, riding uphill will add a few minutes to your time. In other words, the more inclination, the more effort you’ll have to make, increasing your time even more.

What About The Weather

The weather can (and will) affect your next bike ride. Bikers have a love-hate relationship with wind, which can help you the next time you ride or make you feel like you are riding on quicksand.

The sun can also be your friend today and enemy tomorrow. Riding on a sunny day is great, though too much sun exposure can lead to dehydration and other issues.

Rain is always an issue. Slippery roads will decrease your mile time as you need to control your bike better to break and turn in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Is Your Fitness Good?

Being fit will help you ride more efficiently. That doesn’t mean you’ll blast through your first 10-mile bike ride if you’ve played sports before. Having a certain degree of athleticism will help, but you’ll also have to work on your technique early on.

Are you afraid of not being fit enough to ride? Don’t worry about that! The great thing about riding your bike is that it’ll improve your athleticism as you do, helping you improve the more you ride.

Is Riding 10 Miles a Day Good?

Doing a 10-mile ride every day will drastically improve your health. You will burn calories, lose weight, and increase your muscle mass by doing so. Your heart will greatly appreciate it too! Biking is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Are you trying to lose weight by riding your bike? You can set riding 10 miles a day as your goal! We recommend starting slow, though, as we don’t want you to injure yourself by going too hard too soon.

The best way to achieve this new goal and lose weight is to pair your new biking hobby with a healthy diet, so you’ll have enough energy to accomplish that.

4 Types Of Bikes That Are Great For Biking 10 Miles

Electric Bike

Electric bikes will help you when you’re cycling, so it wouldn’t be hard to guess it’ll take you less time to bike 10 miles on one than choosing any other alternative.

Many people think you don’t have to make much effort when riding one of these bikes, but they’re wrong. You still have to pedal, especially if you’re going uphill. Pedaling isn’t that necessary in certain scenarios, though that doesn’t mean you can make this experience more fun by doing it!

Mountain Bikes

These bikes are great if you’re planning to ride in hilly terrains or something like that. It’s not the kind of bike you use to commute to work, though you can use it for that if you want to.

Keep in mind these bikes are heavier than your average road bike, so you’ll have to make more of an effort when you’re riding. In other words, you’ll have a harder time improving your 10-mile time if you switch to a mountain bike.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are perfect for urban settings, so you’re looking at the perfect pick if you’re planning to ride around town or commute to work.

We’re talking about something lighter than a mountain bike, making it the ideal choice if you have to carry your bike around to take it to your apartment or similar.

At the same time, a lighter bike will allow you to ride faster, improving your 10-mile time, though you shouldn’t expect a magic fix when you purchase one.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are the middle ground between mountain bikes and road bikes, so you can go down this route if you can’t choose between either one. Beware of the price tag, though. These bikes are a little bit pricier than any other alternative.

People tend to choose this type of bike when they want something easier and more comfortable to ride than the previous options, not because this type of bike can handle city and dirt roads the same way (they can’t).

How Far Should a Beginner Cyclist Ride?

It’s difficult to assess how much a beginner cyclist should ride without knowing their fitness level, prior experience, and how much they can ride without having issues. The best a beginner can do is start one mile at a time and work it from there.

How can you tell how much you should ride? You can do so by riding your bike! Ride for the first time any day of the week (as long as the weather is nice) if you’re doing it to stay fit and lose weight.

However, we recommend doing it on the weekend if you plan to commute using your bike. That way, you won’t be late for work the first time you ride your bike.

Check how much you can ride and try to ride a little bit more every day.

10 Miles Cycling Tips For Beginners

Those who try to improve their 10-mile biking time should ride their bike more without doing too much too soon to avoid a high risk of injury. Working your resistance is the ideal way to improve your fitness level, helping you travel 10 miles faster.

Riding with comfort is a big part of improving your time, too. Traveling on your bike is very hard if you’re getting back or leg pain in the middle of the ride. The best thing we recommend is getting a great seat and choosing a position that suits your body type.

Have fun with it! Riding your bike should be a fun experience, especially if you’re doing it to stay fit and travel around.


A 10-mile bike ride takes one hour for beginners. More advanced or athletic bikers will do that same route in 30 to 45 minutes. External factors, such as terrain and weather, will increase or decrease how long it takes you to travel 10 miles on your bike.

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