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Electric bikes are here to stay. With more manufacturers on the bandwagon, cyclists are spoilt for choice when choosing their ride. So whether you prefer a modern, state-of-the-art commuter or utility bike or want an incredible ride, there is an electric bike for you.

Chopper electric bikes are designed to replicate retro-style motorcycles that were popular during the 1960s. Chopper-style electric bikes work on the same principle as any other electric bicycle, which uses electric power generated by rechargeable batteries to ease riding.

What Is An Electric Chopper Bike?

Electric Chopper bikes are electric bicycles that mimic the design of the ever-popular chopper motorbikes. The higher steering wheel, low saddle, and bigger wheels, along with the cleverly designed bike frame, firmly set the electric chopper bike in a class of its own.

An electric chopper bike is powered by rechargeable batteries, the same as any other electric bike. Electric chopper bikes are ideal for cyclists looking for a relaxed, leisurely ride with cool esthetics and “old-world” charm.

The History Of Electric Chopper Bikes

The history of electric chopper bikes can be traced back to 1895, when the first prototype electric bike saw the light of day. The chopper-style design was copied from the famous chopper motorbikes during the 1960s and 1970s. A Chopper is not a brand but refers to a style of bike.

How the original electric bikes were powered does not differ much from modern electric bikes. Although the technology may have changed, the original power source stayed the same. Electric bikes from yesteryear and today are still powered by electrically charged batteries.

Comparing the specifications of modern eBikes with those of more than a hundred and twenty years ago. Amusing to see how little has changed!

The 1899 Humber electric tandem was powered by a forty-eight-volt battery bank, and the maximum motor capacity was seven-hundred and fifty watts. The Humber reportedly reached forty miles per hour on the test track.

Modern electric bikes still use forty-eight-volt battery banks that are charged with electricity. eBike motors are still limited to seven-hundred-and-fifty watts in most areas of the United States of America. Nevertheless, an average eBikes can clock forty-five miles per hour.

It still needs to be determined who first designed the chopper-style bicycles. Some believe it was designed by Raleigh employee Alan Oakley, while others contributed the design to Tom Karen from Ogle. The chopper-style design was far removed from traditional bicycle styles. The first Raleigh chopper bicycles became available in May 1969 and remained popular throughout the 1970s.

What do you get when you combine classic chopper-style bicycles with rechargeable electric batteries? Electric chopper bikes!

What Makes Electric Chopper Bikes Different?

Electric chopper bikes look different than traditionally styled electric bikes. The most noticeable differences are the seat, pedal position, steering handles, and wheels. Remember that these bikes are styled to resemble chopper motorcycles. Therefore, their riding style differs from standard bike designs and may take some time.

At first glance, the frame resembles a motorbike, especially a chopper-style motorbike. The battery is cleverly installed in the same place where the fuel tank of a chopper motorcycle would be mounted.

In addition, the typical chopper steering wheel allows for a more comfortable upright ride. Likewise, the uniquely placed seat and pedals mimic a chopper motorcycle. At the same time, chopper-style electric bikes have bigger wheels at the back than in the front.

Pros And Cons Of Chopper Electric Bikes

The general pros and cons regarding electric bikes are also applicable to chopper electric bikes.

Pros Of Electric Bikes

Following is a list of the pros of electric bikes:

  • eBikes are kinder to the environment since they do not emit harmful emission fuels as motorized transport does.
  • eBikes save you money in the long run. You will save on fuel and expensive automobile parts and services while riding for pleasure, exercise, or commuting between home and work.
  • eBikes are still a way of exercise since you need to pedal to move the bike forward, raising your heart rate and giving you a workout. The less you engage the pedal assist or use the throttle, the more beneficial for your health.
  • Owning an eBike is fun and allows you to keep up with friends and family on bicycle excursions, especially if you are less fit than them. eBikes are easy to ride and suitable for most ages.
  • There are eBike models specifically designed to use as utility bikes. For example, some bikes have sidecars, you get trial bikes, and even bikes that resemble chopper motorcycles.
  • eBikes can travel faster between destinations than ordinary bikes due to the pedal assist function that saves time.
  • You can take longer rides with less physical strain on your body.
  • Suppose the battery on your eBike runs out of power. In that case, you can still pedal to your destination and recharge the battery when possible.
  • Fitting a second battery will increase the range you can travel without worrying about running out of power.
  • eBikes are heaven-sent when you need to climb hills!
  • You do not need a license or pay tax to ride an eBike.

Cons Of Electric Bikes

Following is a list of the cons of electric bikes:

  • The initial purchase price is substantially more than that of a standard bike, and parts and services, on average, cost more than those of a standard bike.
  • The electric components of eBikes make them heavier to carry when needed. However, carrying them up a flight of stairs to your apartment or putting it in your vehicle will require more effort.
  • Repairing an eBike is more costly and complicated than with standard bikes, and you may have to pay someone to find the parts and do the repairs.
  • It is hard to pedal an eBike when the battery has run empty.
  • You need to carefully plan your commute to allow recharging if you take longer rides than your battery allows.
  • eBikes are sought-after commodities, therefore, more likely to be stolen.

If you store eBike outdoors, here are some eBike Storage Ideas to help.


Back in the day, owning a chopper was the dream of many but the privilege of only a few. The chopper-style electric bike may be over the top for some. Still, those who enjoy a leisurely ride bundled with authenticity and nostalgic flair will find the electric chopper bike exceptionally pleasing.