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Finally, you got your electric bike! But, do you really know charging ebike battery first time?

Your ebike is a battery-powered legend that takes you from here to there comfortably. You might wonder what’s best for its battery and how to power it for the first time. Correctly charging an eBike will maintain its battery lifespan.

Why Do eBike Manufacturers Have Different Instructions For Their Initial Charges?

Almost all e-bikes come with a Lithium-ion battery that has specific charging requirements. Some bikes have variations of lithium batteries or have a different type altogether, which is why instructions may vary. Always read the instruction manual to ensure you get all the essential information.

Understand Charge Status Lights On The Charger

The electric bike charger will usually have an LED light indicator to show you how far along the charging process is and when you should remove the charger.

Red: Red means the battery is charging, and you should wait for the battery fully charge.

Green: Green means that you should remove the charger and that the charging cycle is complete.

Charging Ebike Battery First Time

It is of utmost importance that you ensure the battery is off before charging. Before your first charge, read through the entire instruction manual to ensure you keep sight of all critical steps.

Ensure The Battery And Charger Are Not Damaged Before Initiating Charge

Before beginning each charge, check the charger, cables, and battery for any damage. Using a damaged battery or charger can harm your bike and is a fire hazard. Stop using it if your charger’s power cord, output cable, or any electrical cables on your bike have signs of damage.

Do not charge if your battery or charger is physically impaired, non-functional, or works abnormally. Your charger should not become too hot to touch, smell like it is burning, or show any signs of overheating. Store any damaged battery or charger safely and recycle or dispose of it according to your local rules.

Check The User Manual And Find The Recommended Methods

Your battery may have arrived with the eBike fully or partially charged, but you’ll still need to plug it in for a power-up for battery preservation according to the instructions. It would be best to wait to ride the eBike until you’ve charged it first, even if the manual says you can use it before the first power-up.

The user manual will outline all charging scenarios for you, from first charges to battery storage. Although the methods in this article are tried-and-true, the manual will tell you precisely what the best charging practices are.

Follow The Manufactures Guide To Start

You may get your battery attached to the bike or in different packaging. Either way, you can charge it while it’s connected or take it off to do so elsewhere if it’s easier. All e-bikes come to have an instruction manual to guide you on how to charge them.

A typical guideline uses the following steps in most cases. On-bike charging follows from step 3.

  • Step 1 – Locate the Key
    The keys are usually attached to the handlebars or in an accessory box. Be careful not to damage the wires when cutting the keys off the handlebar. Keep the spare safe, as eBike keys are difficult to replace.
  • Step 2 – Remove the Battery (If You Want)
    Put the key into the battery lock and turn it with one hand to unlock it while holding the battery pack with the other. Take the key out, then slide the battery off the bike by pulling it back until it detaches.
  • Step 3 – Plug Charger into the Battery
    Ensure the battery is off. Remove the rubber plug covering the battery’s charging point and insert the charger. Plugging the charger into the battery first and the power outlet last preserves battery life and prevents damage. If you’re charging off-bike, the area where the battery gets positioned must be flat, clean, and free from metals.
  • Step 4 – Plug in the Charger
    Plug the charger into the wall socket. You should also try your best to have direct contact with a socket instead of through extensions and multi-plugs. The charger LED will shine to show that it’s charging. It is best to avoid powering the battery in cold temperatures of -50 °F and warm temperatures above 77 °F.
  • Step 5 – Leave to Charge
    It would be best if you left your eBike battery to charge for 12 hours the first time. The instruction manual indicates standard charging time, typically between 3 and 6 hours.
  • Step 6 – Remove The Charger
    Take the charger from the power source, and then unplug it from the battery socket once the 12-hour charging time is complete.

How Long To Charge eBike Battery

You should leave the battery for 12 hours, even after the LED lights show it’s fully charged, but only do this the first time unless the manual says otherwise. When you let the eBike power up for 12 hours, it conditions the Battery Management System (BMS) to let the current flow through all the cells. This lengthy time prepares the battery for future charges.

After the first charge and usage, a typical eBike powers up for between 3 and 7 hours. Surprisingly is also best not to charge lithium batteries until 100% capacity, as a complete cycle could increase oxidation inside them. Oxidation is normal and inevitable, but it does age the battery.

eBike Battery Charging Tips

Every eBike owner wants to maintain it the best they can, as they are costly, as is a battery replacement. Taking good care of its battery leaves owners with questions regarding best practices. There are a few tips to bear in mind.

Tip #1 Follow The Ideal Charging Capacity

Besides the first time, the ideal power you should reach every charge is 90%, but if you need total capacity, it doesn’t hurt now and again. Similarly, do not charge fully. You should keep your battery from draining completely.

Lithium batteries last longer when they don’t drain to 0%, which wears the battery. It would be best practice to charge your eBike when the battery level reaches 30% to maintain the battery’s health.

Tip #2 Don’t Let The Battery Drain Completely

Lithium batteries have an embedded protection circuit; if you leave the battery to drain, this system turns off, eventually damaging the battery and shortening its lifespan.

Tip #3 Don’t Charge An eBike Battery Straight After You Use It

You should wait half an hour after using the eBike before charging. It would be best if you didn’t charge straight after usage as the battery is in an energy-depleting mode. Plugging it in would confuse the chemical reactions.

Tip #4 Store Your eBike With A Charged Battery

If you plan on storing your eBike for an extended period, you should charge the battery to around 80% to preserve it.

Conclusion: Charging Ebike Battery First Time

Charging ebike battery first time is important that could help you increase battery life. Most bikes have a lithium battery that needs to be charged for 12 hours the first time. You should power up the eBike before you use it. It would help if you plugged the charger in the battery first, then the power outlet, whether you are charging on-bike or off-bike. It is also best practice to keep the battery between 30% and 90% on regular charges.

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