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Whether you use your electric bike to commute, shop, haul cargo, or do some road or mountain biking, your eBike must match your reason for biking and your body.

While riders of average height can adjust the handlebars, seat, and pedals on their e-bikes to ride satisfactorily, tall people need to look at the bike’s frame.

Who Are Tall Riders And What Size Of eBike Should You Be Looking For

The rule of thumb is that people who are 2 inches taller than the average are considered tall. The average height for American men over 20 years old is 5 feet 9 inches, while US Women’s average height is 5 feet 4 inches (Source, PDF.) This would define American men that are 5’11” or taller and 5’6″ or taller women as tall.

Many conversion tables offer measurements in cm, inches, and even generic size values (S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.) Alternatively, use a cm-to-inch online converter, or divide the measurements by 2,54 to get the value in inches.

Tall American men should look at road eBikes with a frame size of between 23 and 25+ inches and mountain electric bikes between 19 and 23+ inches. Tall American women should look at road eBikes between 22 to 25+ inches and mountain eBikes between 19 and 23+ inches.

Tall eBikers’ weight is also essential. Tall men’s optimal weight is 106 pounds, plus 6 pounds for each additional inch. Tall women’s optimal weight is calculated by taking 100 pounds for their first 5 feet of height and adding 5 pounds per additional inch.

What To Look For In An eBike For a Big And Tall Rider

In addition to the tall rider’s measurements and the resulting eBike size calculations, parts of the eBike must be considered.

Large And Solid Frame

The rider’s height must be matched with the eBike’s frame. Frame size is expressed in inches and generic size values (S, M, L, XL, XXL, etc.). Large-size frames are suitable for men between 5’10” and 6’1″. An X-Large frame size would suit them better if they are between 6’1″ and 6’4″ inches high. An XX-Large frame size is probably best for 6’4″ to 6’6″ tall men.

Medium-size frames are recommended for women who are 5’6″ to 5’10 inches tall, while taller women will probably feel better with a large frame size.

The material from which frames are made determines their strength and solidity. Aluminum frames are a popular choice due to their low price and lightweight. Steel frames are solid – but heavier than all other frames. Titanium frames are excellent and robust shock absorbers but are costly. A Carbon Fiber frame is innovative and light but also breakable. Steel or aluminum frames are the best choices for tall riders.

Wider And Adjustable Handlebars

Your eBike’s handlebars help you balance and stabilize your ride and divide and shift your weight to control your forward movement. Generally speaking, larger riders require 29,9 to 30,7 inches-wide handlebars, while smaller riders prefer bars 28,3 to 29,1 inches wide. In addition, an adjustable bar allows you to change its position facing the seat.

This adjustment, known as “seat drop,” determines if the bar is set above or below the seat. A lower handlebar moves your center of gravity toward the front wheel, while a higher handlebar has the opposite effect. Riders spend time seat-dropping until they are happy with the results.

Comfortable Seat And Suitable Seatpost Height

Wide seats are usually better if you intend to ride your eBike upright, and narrow seats will suit you better if you primarily ride leaning forward. You adjust the seat post height by moving the seat up and down.

Measure the current height of the seat post by turning the pedals until the lower crank arm, to which a pedal is attached, is precisely in line with the seat tube. The distance between the center of the lower pedal and the top of your set is the seat post height. Write down this figure.

Next, calculate the correct seat post height for you by using the so-called “1,09 method.” Measure your inseam or the distance between your groin and the point where your bare foot touches the floor.

Write down this figure and use your calculator to multiply your inseam by 1,09. If the result of your calculation is not equal to the seat post height, elevate or lower the seat until the new seat post height is equal to your 1,09 number.

Motor Power And Battery Size

The type of motor and battery required to offer the best performance on your bike depends on what you use it for, how far you wish to go on a single charge, and the terrain you plan to ride your bike. Since tall persons require stronger eBikes, including larger tires and wide handlebars, tall people need a larger battery and a stronger motor.

Consider a battery with a capacity of at least 500wh (watt-hours.) If you plan to use the bike often or for a longer distance, consider a 1,000wh battery that could take you about 60 miles per charge and even more if you use pedal assistance. Look also at the motor on your bike.

eBikes use either mid-drive motors located between the pedals or hub-drive motors located in the wheel hub of one of the wheels. A strong mid-drive motor of 1,000wh is best. A cheaper hub-drive motor will also do well despite losing power when riding uphill or carrying a heavy load.

Wide Tires And Strong Rims

Wide, or ‘fat’ tires were initially designed for traveling over snow and ice. With time, people started to use wide tires for other reasons. In addition to special strength eBike, tall riders require wheels that can help cushion the rider, provide balance and stability, and increase safety in various types of terrain.

Large tires come in two main sizes. Wide/Fat Tires are usually around 3’7″ inch wide but can reach a width of over 5 inches. Plus Size Tires, on the other hand, are between 2’4″ and 3’25 inches wide. Wide tires require rims that allow large tires to fit into the rim. Manufacturers offer wide/fat tires with matching rims.

Six Of The Best Electric Bikes For Tall Riders

To be best suited for tall riders, electronic bikes must be robust enough to enable comfortable, safe, durable, and frequent usage on various surfaces and riding conditions.

The Best Electric Bikes For Tall Man

Heybike Brawn All-terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Heybike Brawn All-terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike - Thebicyclegeek

Use the Brawn all-terrain electric bike to get to work, go shopping, ride around town, or go off-road. This eBike is a commute, road, mountain, and all-surface bike.

A multifunction LCD monitor on the handlebars shows battery levels and capacity, current speed, remaining mileage at current speed, PAS (pedal assist) power, and more. Use the throttle to adjust your speed and the pedals to generate power and extend your mileage.

Brawn’s removable 846Wh capacity battery and 750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor gets you a range of up to 65 miles with pedal assist. Its 4A fast is used to charge the battery quickly. Tall people also benefit from Brawn’s 400 lbs. maximal load, 26”x4.0″ Fat Tires, hydraulic seat, brakes, and suspension front fork.

HIMIWAY COBRA PRO Softail Electric Mountain Bike

Himiway Softail Electric Mountain Bike - Thebicyclegeek

Himiway Cobra Pro is an off-road beast. Its Bafang mid-drive motor has 1300W of peak motor power that can take on even the most challenging terrains, offering an estimated 60 miles per charge and 80 miles when using pedal assist. The motor enables riders to tackle steep hills and move on powerfully from a dead stop.

Use the LCD color backlight display to observe your mileage, current, maximal, and average speed, battery capacity, and the level of your PAS (pedal assist) contribution. In addition, the eBike display’s wattmeter shows the motor’s actual power output.

The Cobra Pro’s 400 lbs. payload capacity and 330lbs 26*4.8 Super Fat Tires are made for big people. The suspension system is based on a four-bar link designed to absorb vibrations effectively and safely.

JUICEDBIKES CrossCurrent X Ultimate Commuter Bike

Juicebikes CrossCurrent X Electric Bike - Thebicyclegeek

A commuter’s dream eBike, the CrossCurrent X is designed to make one’s daily journey fast, safe, and comfortable. Its 750W (1300W Peak) rear gear hub motor and the newly introduced G2 994wh battery deliver over 80 miles’ distance per charge at an average speed of 28 MPH.

The CrossCurrent X is ideal for big people who commute frequently. It boasts 28″x1.75″ road tires, an air suspension fork, and 275 lbs. weight capacity. The eBike has a custom aluminum heat-treated frame, pro wheels (52T/170MM), a hydraulic brake disc, and double-walled aluminum wheels.

The eBike has a thumb throttle, a 2 Amp charger, mudguards, front and back fenders, and a 50 lbs. capacity rear rack (provided.) LED head and tail lights, Gel Selle seat, and hardtail configuration rear suspension, add to this urban stallion’s charm

The Best Electric Bikes for Tall Women

Sixthreezero EVRY journey NEW 500W Electric Touring Cruiser Bike

Sixthreezero EVRY journey 500W - Thebicyclegeek

Use Sixthreezero’s EVRYjourney Electric Bike for commuting, road or mountain riding, and leisure. A powerful 500-Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor takes over when you do not wish to task your body under challenging terrains or harsh windy conditions.

EVRYjourney’s 500wa Battery and 500-Watt Rear Hub Drive Motor carry a maximum of 300 lbs. for 20 miles and up to double that distance with pedal assist. The bike’s LCD monitor shows your speed, power usage, and battery charge. The rider can use the throttle and pedal-assist modes controls.

AVENTON LEVEL Step-Through Commuter E-bike

Aventon LEVEL Step-Through Commuter Ebike - Thebicyclegeek

The level has superb functionality – you can use or unplug the throttle to control your speed. The eBike is designed to be resistant to water splashes, meaning that you can ride and park your bike in the rain without it being damaged by water spray or raindrops.

Use Level’s backlit LCD display on your handlebars to monitor your speed, distance traveled, reach, and pedal-assist level.

Level’s integrated front suspension fork absorbs even the roughest trains and makes your ride safe and comfortable. 27.5″ tires help the e-bike’s suspension with their reflective sidewalls.

The bike’s fenders protect you from the elements, and the integrated rack is perfect for anything you wish to carry within the bike’s overall 300 lbs. payload capacity.

RADPOWERBIKES RadCity 5 Plus Electric Commuter Bike

Radpowerbikes RadCity 5 Plus Electric Commuter Bike - Thebicyclegeek

RADPOWERBIKES designed its RadCity 5 Plus as a commuter eBike for weekdays and weekends. Ride it to work, take it for joyrides in town, and explore your surroundings. A 750W geared hub motor and 589-672wh battery offer an estimated range of 28-50 miles per charge, using the RadCity 5 Intelligent 5-level pedal assist.

Balance, safety, and comfort are at a premium. The eBike has a maximum of 275 lbs. capacity. It uses 27.5″ x 2.0″ Rad Power tires and 25 mm aluminum alloy rims, a spring fork suspension, and a light 6061 aluminum frame.

Use the included rear rack to carry up to 40 pounds of cargo – from laptops, food, study notes, pets – and even a small child.


Tall people are included in the beautiful world of electric bikes. Modern eBikes have strong frames, special tires, suspension, powerful motors, and batteries, all designed to offer a reliable, safe, and comfortable mode of light transport.

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