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Electric bikes have made commuting in the city and crossing inhuman distances possible. Can you get a passenger on your eBike? Not every eBike is made for passengers, but cargo bikes allow for a higher load carry and prioritize torque rather than speed.

Electric bikes with passenger seats benefit families planning to travel or who want to lighten their carbon footprint and gas bill. The best two-person (or more!) eBike will be the one that meets your weight, safety, and range requirements.

Benefits Of Electric Bike With Passenger Seat

Well known for their speed and terrain versatility, eBikes are well-loved. However, electric bikes with passenger seats cater to families, leisure riders, and delivery people. As such, they are designed slightly differently and have many innovative changes.

Passenger-geared eBikes are marvels of safety, inclusivity, and environmental friendliness.

No People Left Behind

Whether you are planning to ride the kids to school or take your significant other out on the town, eBikes with passenger seats support adult and child passengers. These bikes are also fantastic for taking disabled parents and friends on adventures in the city. Everyone can hop on if there are safety precautions.

Safely Transport

If your significant other is scared of riding an eBike on their own, one with an extra seat can go a long way in assuaging their fears. Many cargo eBikes come with safety features for traveling with an extra load. These safety features include additional lights, seatbelts, passenger footrests, and connection points for tying down cargo.

Increase Storage Space

Cargo or passenger eBikes, have a high load-carrying capacity, which means they can take more weight without compromising the bike’s integrity. They are perfect for carting the kids to and from school, making deliveries for work, and for a good shopping trip. Many have storage spaces at the back and front of the bike, with optional attachment points for adding baskets or racks if one is absent.

Fun For All Ages

Having a passenger younger than six on a motorized vehicle may be illegal in some places. A passenger eBike can be great fun for the whole family if carrying minors where you live is legal.

Grandma may no longer be able to steer a bike with her arthritis, but she’d love to sit and feel the wind in her hair anyway.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Electric Bike With Passenger Seat

Like other modes of transport, you need to consider the number of seats, the vehicle’s weight capacity, and the motor when shopping for reliable transportation. For cycling especially, your passenger’s comfort and safety, as well as the bike’s balance, are deciding factors, as these can turn a pleasurable ride into a nightmare.

You should also remember that passenger vehicles are made functional, and specific aspects of having a passenger may strain the technical aspects of a bike.

Seat Size And Shape

The rider and passenger should have a comfortable seat capable of holding their weight. If you have more than one passenger, for example, two children or adults, the seat must be wide enough to accommodate them.

Most passenger seats are rectangular and different from cyclists’ seats. Some are padded, and others are not. Unpadded seats are only ideal for shorter trips.

Passenger Max Weight

Cargo eBikes have a high load capacity. Unfortunately, even a higher load capacity has its limit. Many bikes have a maximum weight they can carry before the bike’s structural integrity gives in. Passenger eBikes most commonly have a weight capacity from 200lbs to 400lbs, that is, the weight of the rider and their cargo.

Heavier loads will also put a strain on the battery, so make sure to check the passenger max weight when purchasing your bike.


In cargo eBikes meant for passengers, a rear hub motor is the most common. Rear hubs are perfect for traveling long distances and commuting on flat roads. It increases torque and balance as the added weight sits at the back of the bike. However, a mid-drive motor better suits your needs if traveling in a hilly area with lots of rising and falling.


A strong battery is necessary for an electric bike carrying two adults or more than two people. The added weight means the battery needs to exert more power to cover the distance. Since more power gets used, the overall distance the bike can travel will lessen. A bike that requires more muscular input can save on battery power.


The motor’s wattage and the battery’s watt-hours determine the bike’s range. You will have a decent range if both are powerful. If one is not strong, you will struggle with power drainage. The battery will run low if features like throttle are relied on too heavily.

It is best to choose an eBike with a good motor and battery and not exert the bike too much. Slow and steady is the goal.


An eBike’s throttle can be a twist or thumb throttle. The throttle is a problem when you overuse it. You will struggle with sustained battery life if you rely only on the throttle to get the bike moving. The motor works overtime to carry the extra load.

Consider checking for a cargo eBike with PAS technology, where muscle power and technology work together.


Considering the already achingly high prices of these bikes, it is no surprise that the ones with passenger seats are costly. They tend to be more costly than some market value eBikes as they have a lot of added features and optional add-ons, which can be pricey.

Always check retailer prices, read reviews, and check value for money.

Best Electric Bike With Passenger Seat

You could buy any old two-seater eBike and call it a day, but investing in a quality bike with features that suit you and your family would be better in the long run.

RadRunner Plus Electric Bike with Passenger Seat

RadRunner Plus with Passenger Seat - Thebicyclegeek

Rad Power’s RadRunner Plus is a 750W utility bike with a step-through frame, upright seating, and twist throttle. The bike can carry a maximum of 300 lbs. and has 3.3″ tires. You can buy it with a “bring a friend” kit for safe passenger travel. The bike features are adjustable and have a lot of space for customization.

Rad Power also encases the exposed cables in a neoprene sleeve before inserting them into the bike’s downtube frame so they’re out of the way.


1. Good cable management.
2. Padded rear rack with footrest for a passenger.
3. Smooth PAS cadence sensor and throttle adjustment.
4. The parts are easily replaceable.
5. The front wheel suspension fork is lockable.


1. The bike is cumbersome and difficult to carry.
2. The plastic pedal has poor grip.

Fiido T1

Fiido T1 Electric Bike with Passenger Seat - Thebicyclegeek

FIIDO T1 utility electric bike is perfect for commuting and braving city traffic and comes in a tasteful olive green. This aluminum frame supports a passenger load of 175 lbs. on top of the 265 lbs. rider load. It comes with a three-gear PAS and hydraulic disk brake. With a max speed of 28mph and an adjustable suspension fork, this eBike makes for a great ride.


1. Carry load at a maximum of 440 lbs.
2. The T1 has a front basket and a rear rack with many connection points.
3. It has an adjustable suspension fork.
4. You can ride this eBike with or without pedal assist.
5. It has good head and tail lights.


1. Tires are low traction, making them not ideal for offroad riding.
2. Due to its weight, it can be challenging to assemble independently.

EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle Rickshaw 750W With Passenger Seat

EVRYjourney Electric Tricycle Rickshaw 750W With Passenger Seat - Thebicyclegeek

EVRYjourney’s 750w Electric Tricycle Rickshaw is an innovative and exciting addition to this cargo eBike list. Instead of a rack seat, this tricycle-rickshaw has an additional bench seat over the rear tires. The three wheels add stability and guarantee a safe ride for your passengers.

This passenger eBike may be slow but has high torque and a smooth cadence sensor, making carrying the extra load easily.


1. The large bench seat can carry 1-3 passengers at a max weight of 500 lbs.
2. The passenger seat has a footrest, seat belt, and storage basket beneath it.
3. The bike is very stable, with lowered back wheels and three brakes, one for each tire.
4. Smooth throttle and cadence PAS.
5. It has a swooping frame and seat suspension.


1. There is no brake locker, which is a problem when stopped on a hill.
2. Very expensive.

HIMIWAY BIG DOG Electric Cargo Bike

HIMIWAY BIG DOG Electric Cargo Bike - Thebicyclegeek

Himiway’s Big Dog Cargo eBike runs at 750w and has hydraulic disk brakes on the cable. It is the ideal passenger eBike for pleasure cruising as it gets a good range at low speeds. It has a half-twist throttle and cadence PAS.

The Big Dog has a step-through frame and adjustable seating. This utility bike has a wooden rear rack and space in the front for a basket or additional rack.


1. 400 lb. maximum carry hold.
2. 20-amp battery that will allow 7 hours of travel when easy on the throttle.
3. It has a 4″ fat tire and deep grain pattern, making it great for various environments.
4. Max speed of 25mph.
5. Y-style kickstand for good support.


1. No safety features for passengers and few connection points.
2. The cadence sensor is janky and delays the motor output.

Conclusion: Electric Bike With Passenger Seat

eBikes with passenger seats, on average, can carry two passengers depending on the weight limit of the bike and the seat size. Most have a rack behind the cyclist seat where passengers can sit, and some have separate seats.

The best eBikes with passenger seats also have safety measures to keep the passengers and bike safe and PAS to help the cyclist carry the extra load. The best cargo eBikes are expensive. Still, including friends and extra storage space can be well worth the cost.

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