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An electric bike that is too big causes strain on the neck, back, shoulders and knees, resulting in an uncomfortable ride.

The best electric bike for a five-foot woman with average leg and arm lengths would be a 26 inch bike. The best electric bike to suit the needs of a short female is determined by her height, the length of her arms and legs, and the type of riding she would like to do.

What Size eBike is Best for A 5 Foot Woman?

Petite women about five foot or sixty inches may find riding bigger bikes challenging. Therefore, it is essential to determine the correct sized bike needed to provide the most comfortable ride.

A five-foot woman with short arms and legs will have a more comfortable ride on a 24-inch bike. In contrast, a 5-foot woman with an average arm and leg length may prefer a twenty-six-inch model.

Once again, not all “five-foot-something” riders may have the same preferences or physique. Therefore, finding an electric bike that meets all your requirements and provides the most comfortable ride at the best possible price is imperative.

Tips For Short Person To Buy An eBike

Following are tips on determining the size bike a short person needs.

  • Measure your inseam. A simple way. First, the cyclist must stand with their back to a wall to measure their height. Then, sit on the floor with their back against the wall and measure from the floor to the top of their head. Finally, deduct the seated height from the standing height to determine the inside seam length.
  • Check the bike charts for inseam. To determine the correct electric bike size, you need to consult bike charts and confirm the bike size according to the cyclist’s measurements.
  • Test ride before buying an eBike if Possible. Take test drives on various eBikes before deciding on which to buy. Ensure that the electric bike you invest in meets all your requirements.

How We Selected The Best Electric Bikes For Short Females

Did you know that there are over 200 electric bike brands? So how do you choose one? After rummaging through websites to find the best electric bike for short females, we compiled the following list. The list was comprised of the price, the most compact, versatile, best folding bike, the best utility bike, and the bike which gives the most bang per buck.

Our top picks for first-time electric bike buyers, especially shorter cyclists.

  • Best value under $600: Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike
  • Most compact: Eb5 Pro Plus Folding City and Campus eBike
  • Most versatile: XP™ Step-Thru 3.0
  • Best Folding eBike for all-terrain: Heybike Mars
  • Best utility bike: Rad power RadRunner 2
  • The most bang for your buck: Aventon SINCH STEP-THROUGH

Best Electric Bike For Short Female

Short females must ensure the electric bike is adjustable to suit their height and frame. Following is a list of electric bikes recommended by leading bike brands for small, short, and petite women.

There is an electric bike in every price bracket. Each bike has unique features and capabilities ranging from battery charging times, battery range, the terrain they can travel, compactness, and durability. Therefore, the price bracket for electric bikes is determined by the bike’s features, capabilities, and accessories.

Budget Under $600

If your budget is under $600 and you need a light, affordable commuter, the ideal bikes would be the Fiido D3 pro or the Eb5 Pro Plus Folding City and Campus eBike.

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike-Black / US

The Fiido D3 Pro comes equipped with a step-through frame and dropper seat, allowing people from as short as five feet to as tall as six and a half feet to use the eBike comfortably. In addition, the bike is constructed from aluminum alloy, which makes it one of the lightest bikes on the market.

If an affordable commuter is what you are after, the Fiido D3 pro’s range is 37,2 miles with pedal assist. To fully charge a battery takes five hours, and you can enjoy a smooth, stress-free ride at a top speed of sixteen miles per hour. In addition, a higher gear ratio and better torque allow for more leisurely peddling.

This small but fast and agile eBike is also ideal for children, teenagers, and adults.

Eb5 Pro Plus Folding City and Campus eBike

Eb5 Pro Plus Folding City & Campus Ebike - Thebicyclegeek

The Eb5 Pro Plus Folding City and Campus eBike fits the under $500 category well. This bike is ideal for both urban cruising and riding on campus. This bike folds up in three steps, and you can store the folded eBike underneath a desk or in the back of an automobile.

The seat height and handlebars are adjustable, providing a smooth ride. Ride your way by going full throttle at 15,5 mph, or choose the pedal-to-go option for a burst of power while peddling. Add an additional battery for extra power. The Eb5 Pro Plus Folding City and Campus eBike range are 15,5 miles on a single charge.

This eBike can carry riders weighing up to two hundred and sixty-four pounds, and the fourteen-inch air-filled tires provide a smooth ride. In addition, the v-brakes on this eBike manage fast speeds and bumpy roads very well.

The Eb5 Pro Plus Folding City and Campus bikes are also ideal for teenagers and adults. The eBike’s lightweight foldable design and integrated carry handle make this the ideal campus or city commuter bike.

Budget Under $1000

Here are two bikes in the under $1000 bracket that will suit five-foot-tall women.

Heybike Mars

Heybike Mars Electric Bike - Thebicyclegeek

The Heybike Mars eBike is considered the best folding eBike for all terrain. The twenty-inch by four-inch puncture-resistant fat tires on this eBike ensures excellent traction, stability, and a smooth ride on all terrain. The 500W motor can reach a top speed of 20mph, and the battery has a range of thirty-seven miles on pure electric and up to forty-eight miles in pedal assist mode.

The bike conveniently folds in two steps and can carry a load of up to one hundred pounds on the rear rack. The bike weighs sixty-six pounds and has a maximum payload capacity of three hundred to three hundred and thirty pounds.

Heybike Mars is a slightly bigger bike. The manufacturers recommend that women be at least five foot three inches tall with a minimum inseam length of 33,5” to experience a comfortable ride.

XP™ Step-Thru 3.0 White

Lectricebikes XP Step-Thru 3.0 Black eBike - Thebicyclegeek

Electric bike enthusiasts consider the XP™ Step-Thru 3.0 White the best eBike on the market in this price bracket. Apart from the added suspension, better brakes, increased torque, quieter motor, and longevity boosters the upgraded XP™ Step-Thru 3.0 provides, you can now carry a passenger weighing up to a hundred-and-fifty pounds!

The XP™ Step-Thru 3.0 White eBike comes equipped with a 1000 W motor that produces 55 nm torque. In addition, the lithium-ion battery can be set to standard or long-distance range, allowing for 45 to 65 miles, respectively.

Mechanical disk brakes make for safer braking in wet or dry conditions. At 64 pounds, this foldable bike is easy to manage and store. A backlit LCD display keeps you informed about your trip and the battery’s state. Passenger mode limits the speed to 10 mph when carrying a passenger, ensuring a safer ride.

Another integrated safety measure is the headlamp and taillight, powered by the battery, making you more visible to other road users.

Budget under $2000

The Rad power RadRunner 2 and the Aventon SINCH STEP-THROUGH bikes are both ideal eBikes to consider in the under $2000 bracket.

Rad power RadRunner 2

Rad Power Radrunner 2 Electric Bike - Thebicyclegeek

The Rad power RadRunner 2 electric utility bike is a real “jack of all trades,” allowing you to bring a friend, cargo, and heaps of style. In addition, you can customize this bike with over three hundred and thirty accessory combinations.

Rad power RadRunner 2 can carry three hundred pounds. The battery range is forty-five miles, and the seven-hundred-and-fifty-watt powered motor allows various applications. The bike can be tailor-fitted for every rider to ensure the most comfortable ride possible.

The shortest inside seam length for women to ride this bike comfortably is 26,75”. Riders with an inside seam length of more than thirty-seven inches will find that they cannot get a full leg extension. In addition, the low step frame design aids shorter riders in mounting the bike with more ease.

Puncture-resistant tires protect against thorns, glass, stones, and sharp objects allowing you to enjoy more adventurous routes. The seven-hundred-and-fifty-watt engine allows you to take on steeper hills at lower speeds. Rad frames are designed according to international safety standards to keep you safe and sound while dashing around.


Aventon Sinch Step Through Foldable Ebike - Thebicyclegeek

The Aventon SINCH STEP-THROUGH bike has a foldable frame, handlebars, and pedals. The eBike runs on four-inch fat tires; the average battery range is forty miles. You can reach a top speed of twenty miles per hour with the five-hundred-watt brushless hub motor.
The Aventon Sinch Step-Through eBike weighs sixty-eight pounds, and the maximum payload capacity is three hundred pounds. The bike was designed with both relaxation and adventure in mind. No matter the road, rugged or smooth, the Sinch Step-Through electric bike will get you anywhere.

Versatility and ruggedness are all captured in one electric bike since the Sinch Step-Through electric bike is comfortable, foldable, portable, storable, and powerful. This bike allows you to take it everywhere and gives you a smooth ride on paved roads or thrilling trial runs.

The Sinch Step-Through only comes in one size and fits most adults between four foot eleven inches and six foot two inches. Adjust the size to your specifications.

Conclusion: Best Electric Bike for Short Female

Electric bikes are expensive, and researching before purchasing an eBike is essential. Short women should ensure that the eBike they purchase can be adjusted according to their height and that they are comfortable with the seat, pedal, and steering heights. When in doubt, reach out to other cyclists or manufacturers for advice. Enjoy your ride!

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