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If you’re looking for a safe, easy, and convenient way of getting around, and you’re worried that a regular bike may be a challenge for you as a senior, a 3 wheel electric bike is what you need. And to make shopping for one easy, we’ve compiled the best 3 wheel electric bikes for seniors for 2022.

The Best 3 Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors in 2022

There are many reasons seniors could be shopping for a three-wheel electric bike, and in 2022, the options are numerous. To help narrow down the focus on the best options in the segment, it’s essential to understand what seniors would be looking for in a trike.

Unlike youngsters and biking enthusiasts who may choose a bike based on looks, style, capability, or speed, seniors will be looking for something entirely different.

What to Consider When Buying a Three Wheel Electric Bike For Seniors

Seniors who are shopping for a bike have a unique set of requirements. In contrast, speed, racy colors, and party tricks like shock absorbers aren’t high on the list; the following characteristics are more important for more mature bikers.

  • Safety: A key feature when buying a bike for a senior is how safe it is to operate. Bikes that are hazardous, can tip over, spill out from underneath you, or fail can be disastrous for seniors. Safety ratings and reviews should indicate high levels.
  • Stability: Bikes that can move without causing their drivers concern for tipping over are invaluable to older folks; in this case, three-wheel bikes are ideal. With more confidence due to the three-wheel setup, bikers will have no problem taking on corners or managing slightly rougher terrain.
  • Operability: Overly complicated bikes should be avoided; reasons for buying a bike include being more active, getting out and about, and increasing mobility, but if it’s a chore to operate, you will be less likely to make use of it. Bikes that are straightforward to use and take care of should score more highly on your shortlist.
  • Portability: You may sometimes want to take your bike with you when you go on vacation, or you may need to transport it from time to time. Bikes that are cumbersome or difficult to move won’t be helpful to you in this case.
  • Comfort: Shopping in this segment sees seniors looking for bikes more about comfort and convenience than fitness or posture. In this case, seating should be comfortable, and many of the best bikes come with recumbent seating.
  • Speed: While no one is shopping for a seniors’ bike that goes a hundred miles an hour, it does help to have the power on hand to get moving without a fuss. With an electric motor setup to help hustle along, the best bikes should be able to reach a sustainable and reasonable speed.
  • Range: Electric bikes should have a decent electric range that makes them usable for seniors who want to cover short distances without peddling. The reasonable range varies between 20 and 35 miles.
  • Gradeability: The components used in production should be of the highest quality to guarantee a long life. Check the grading and what the bike is designed for – those made explicitly for seniors will meet most of your criteria.

How We Selected the Best 3-Wheel Electric Bikes for Seniors

With a wide variety of 3-wheel electric bikes on the market, we perused available reviews, spoke to professionals, and discussed experiences with those familiar with the brands and options. Our narrowed-down list includes a variety of options that each excel in a particular area.

Here are our picks for the best 3-wheel electric bikes for seniors of 2022:

  • Best overall 3-wheel electric bike for seniors: Addmotor M-340
  • Safest 3-wheel electric bike for seniors: Anywhere Trike – Rugged Edition
  • Most user-friendly 3-wheel electric bike for seniors: Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle
  • 3-wheel electric bike with the best range and speed: Addmotor M-340
  • Best budget 3-wheel electric bike for seniors: Buzz Cerana T

Top 3-Wheel Electric Bikes For Seniors

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle

Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Tricycle - Thebicyclegeek

The Emojo Caddy Pro is well put together and comes with fat tires to improve grip and make it even more stable on rougher terrain. It comes with Tektro disc brakes to make stopping effortless and inspire confidence, and it has a headlight to ensure optimal visibility. It has an oversized rear basket to carry whatever you need with you and can reach speeds of up to 20 mph.


1. High maximum weight capacity of over 300 lbs
2. Stable over rough terrain
3. Hydraulic brakes are effective
4. Sturdy design and good build quality
5. 35 miles of range on one charge


1. No reverse function
2. Upgrading your battery or replacing it can be costly
3. High cost at the outset

Why Recommended

The Emojo Caddy Pro is an excellent electric tricycle that ranks highly for stability and all-terrain capability. It has an impressive range of 35 miles and is built to last – it can also handle weights up to 330 lbs. The high price tag is offset by free shipping.

Anywhere Trike – Rugged Edition

Anywhere Trike - Rugged Edition - Fat Tire Electric Tricycle - Thebicyclegeek

This trike combines the best of modern tech without overloading you with too much speed and power. It is built solidly and can carry drivers of up to 400 lbs while having chunky tires to manage a variety of road surfaces. You get enough torque and power to go uphill, although top speed and range are lower than some rivals. Front and rear LED lights are standard, and you get a user-friendly LCD controller to keep an eye on battery life, total distance per trip, and how fast you’re going.


1. Maximum weight is impressive at 400 lbs
2. Low step-through for ease of use
3. Impressive warranty
4. Front and rear LED lights
5. Seat with backrest for support


1. Lower range than some competitors at 31 miles
2. Top speed of 14 mph is low
3. Customer reviews show less-than-ideal service from the manufacturer

Why Recommended

The Anywhere Trike Rugged Edition is a fantastic go-anywhere trike that is easy to use, offers comfortable and supportive seating, and can manage more than just regular paved surfaces. It looks rough and ready and can take on dirt roads, beaches, snow, and even rainy weather. It scores highly for stability and operability.

EVRYJourney 250W Tricycle

EVRYJourney 250W Tricycle - Thebicyclegeek

At a reasonable cost, the EVRYJourney Tricycle makes for an excellent addition to your garage. It has a 250-watt motor that can reach between 15 and 28 mph, depending on whether you’re using pedal assist or all-electric mode. The trike has a large basket for convenience and stylish wheels. An ergonomic frame means it’s easy to get on and off.


1. Ergonomic riding position
2. Motor is smooth and quiet
3. LCD makes keeping track of your journey easy
4. Thumb throttle is easy to use
5. Retro good looks


1. Standard tires mean you should stick to smooth road surfaces
2. Seating has no back support
3. Maximum weight is less than some rivals

Why Recommended

We like the EVRYJourney Tricycle for its ergonomic driving position and easy-to-use thumb throttle. The forward pedal geometry makes it ultra-comfortable, and people of varying builds and sizes will find it easy to get used to. It performs well under most conditions and is durable in design.

Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike 2023

Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike 2023 - Thebicyclegeek

With a massive upgrade to the latest model, the Addmotor M-340 is better than ever. The manufacturer claims that a new battery setup will allow for a range of up to 125 miles and a maximum weight limit of up to 450 lbs. Despite being a heavier bike, it can still manage good speed and power, even uphill, allowing downshifting when an extra kick of power is needed.


1. Impressive range in the latest iteration
2. Carry up to 450 lbs. of cargo and passenger
3. Hardy, rugged tires with puncture resistance
4. Seating with back support
5. Great stability


1. High price tag
2. Some won’t like the rugged looks
3. Motor mounted on the front wheel means potential wheel slip

Why Recommended

With monstrous power specs and incredible range, the latest iteration is tipped to extend the available range even more. It can handle combined loads of up to 450 lbs and still have enough power to tackle elevations without a fuss. The potent motor and rugged wheels also give the impression that it can go anywhere you need.

BUZZ Cerana T 3-Wheel Electric Bike

BUZZ Cerana T 3-Wheel Electric Bike - Thebicyclegeek

BUZZ Cerana T Three Wheel Electric Bike

The Buzz Cerana T is the three-wheel version of the popular electric bicycle and features an easy-to-access low-slung frame with the motor mounted in the middle of the bike. This ensures the best handling and limited slip on the wheels. Still, the top speed is 20 miles per hour, and with four levels of pedal assist, riders can choose how much work they put in.


1. Well priced among rivals
2. Pedal assist technology is smooth and intuitive
3. LCD for keeping tabs on your progress
4. 40 miles of range is reasonably good
5. Mid-mounted motor for added stability


1. Seating without back support
2. Not everyone is a fan of how it looks

Why Recommended

With a price tag that is easy to stomach, the BUZZ Cerana T is a trike that ticks all of the boxes for those who want an electric 3-wheeler to manage daily transport needs. It can travel around 40 miles on a single charge, and with a mid-mounted motor and 24-inch wheels, it has a low center of gravity for ultimate control and handling.

FAQs About Electric 3 Wheel Bikes

What Is A Electric 3 Wheel Bike?

Three-wheel electric bikes have two rear wheels and one wheel up front; this setup maximizes stability and prevents tipping over. It also means that riding this bike is easy and promotes safety around corners. The electric motor added to the trike allows for an all-electric riding range (meaning the rider doesn’t need to peddle) or assisted peddling for making uphill easier and increase speed.

Are 3-Wheel Bikes Good For Seniors?

Seniors who want to be mobile have specific needs, which include stability and comfort, and safety as a priority. Three-wheel bikes are ideal in this regard due to the added confidence that three wheels, a low-slung frame, and motor-assisted peddling offer.

Additionally, many of the best electric trikes have fat tires for added grip and allow the rider to take on even rougher road surfaces without being concerned about slipping or falling over.

The Benefits Of Electric Trike Bikes For Seniors

Being mobile is critical to individuals, and even more so as we age. No one wants to be dependent on another for basic tasks, and the beauty of electric trikes is that seniors can remain independent as long as possible. Electric trikes are safe and convenient and don’t require as much financial outlay as a car for shorter trips on your daily shopping run or for errands.

Electric trikes also require some physical input, with increased fitness, a reduction in stress levels, maintenance of weight, improved circulation, and the advantages of social interaction ranking high on the lists of why trikes are so beneficial for seniors. It also helps to keep the mind stimulated and promotes good mental health.

Conclusion: 3 Wheel Electric Bikes For Seniors

Finding the right bike as a senior can be challenging, but considering our comprehensive list of top-featured electric 3-wheelers should assist in narrowing down your selection. The right bike for you is the one that meets your safety, comfort, and range needs, as well as fits in with your budget. This list covers all ends of the price spectrum and provides insight into each bike’s benefits.

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